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ACTING CLASSES Monday Nights @ 7:30 P.M. Chandler Studio, Sherman Oaks, CA

Learn comedy and improv acting. On camera technique, as well as, behind the camera ettiquette. Classes cover acting for film and commercials. Using and utilizing improv techniques in acting. As well as, hypnosis and "The Attell Method". A revolutionary new technique in memorization and performance.


These are some of the programs I am available to personally present

Acting for the Camera:

In this class children will get a chance to work in front of a camera while learning the terminology used on sets such as: Finding Your Mark, Profiles, and Slating. The teens get the chance to do some cold reading of scenes from television shows and movies. All this, and a good time too!

Stand Up Comedy for Children:

This class gives teens a chance to learn humor and to help them develop the beginning of a stand-up comedy routine by using comedy to get other children to laugh with them and not at them. It makes the “Outside the box thinkers” the cool kid.

Acting Fundamentals and Techniques for the Beginner:

In this session all attendees will get a chance to perform and learn techniques the stars use while performing. It brings out the uniqueness of a teen or child and teaches them to trust their choices.

Improvisation Games for Fun:

Chileren love Improvisation Games because it teaches “first choice is right choice” and it brings out their funny bone. These techniques are not only for fun but also help improve writing, reading, memorization, listening skills and creativeness. This is a great class for helping teens to develop interactive skills with their peers while having a great time.

Mommy and Me and Acting Makes Three:

This class has been sold out in Orange County and Acton. It is for the parent and child 6 to18 years of age. Both the parent and child get a chance to play with fun Improv and Acting Games. (This course actually created 28 “Little Stars” which was a documentary made by USC.) This is the last of the feel good workshops that bond parent and child in a atmosphere of “Family Fun!”

Pantomime and Movement for Children:

This lost art form is brought back with fun Pantomime exercises and movement for the attendee. Learn how to use the body to create illusions and tell stories while developing the discipline of the Rotation and Inclination techniques, which are the core of Mime.

Commercial Acting:

Learn how to read Cue Cards and be natural in 30-second commercials. Commercials are like little movies and in 30 seconds you really learn how to co-ordinate yourself to look and act naturally.

Performance Coach