George Keymas called me up and said in this husky, good ole boy voice.  Toni, write about me for your column.  To say that I am a Twilight Zone lover is to be modest.  I grew up on the Twilight Zone series and probably one of the most famous segments of the Twilight Zone, was “In the Eye of the Beholder” and George Keymas played the Lord of all the pig-like people who wanted the beautiful babe to become like everyone else…yes, pig-like!  He sent shivers down my back as a young girl watching him. I looked him up and found out he has played in so many television shows like Rin Tin Tin and movies like Zorro, that I cannot even begin to give this great character actor all the credit he deserves.  He could play the meanest of the mean and certainly brought out the shadow side of his characters.  So when, I talked with George, I was a little overwhelmed.  But he soon won me over with his warmth and yes, charming voice. “I have tons of pictures to sell- where do I sell them?” he asked me.  When I mention Craig’s list or Ebay there is a dead silence and I realize, George does not have a computer and I am talking Algebra to him.

George sends me a sheet with over 200 shows on it and some pictures and says, just write what you feel.  I think about the episode of the Wild, Wild West I saw him in and I can only say “ If only actors could work this much today” I mean George grew up in a time when television was at it’s height and he worked continuously on one show after another.  Most actors today are lucky to do three or four a year and even then, the actor is