Dear Toni,

I have been exposed to the media since 1951 when I came out to Hollywood from New Your to fulfill my destiny.  Within two weeks I wound up at the Riverside Hotel in Reno as a showgirl.  I then went to New York where I appeared on many TV shows with Uncle Miltie’s Texaco Theatre. I was chosen to appear with Bob Hope, Eddie Cantor, Danny Thomas, Donald O’ Connor, George Jessell, Ray Bolger and many others doing comedy sketches on NBC’S Colgate Comedy Hour.  I wanted to tell you all a story about Howard Hughes since the movie about him was such a success.  I spotted Mr. Hughes with Debra Paget at the Sahara in Las Vegas.  The minute I was offstage in my dressing room a messenger knocked at my door with a note for me from H.H. We met and I wowed him with my expertise on aviation, as I was a certified Aircraft mechanic.  I was then chosen by Spike Jones to go on the road with him and at the same time I was cast in 20,000 leagues under the Sea with Kirk Douglas and James Mason.  I created a show for ABC called Voluptua, TV’s Love Goddess. I was just way ahead of my time.  Along came Elmer Gantry with Burt Lancaster and Shirley Jones, Night of the Hunter with Bob Mitchum, and then a young swivel hip kid named Elvis with Jailhouse Rock.  I portrayed a Burlesque Queen and got a lot of attention from Elvis between scenes.  I have also appeared recently as a sit down comic since I get tired of standing around.  I have appeared at senior centers, nursing homes and several of Marilyn Monroe Memorials at the Westwood cemetery.  These gigs are all free due to their low or no budgets.  I have a long list of credits; I’m also a clothes, jewelry designer.  My stories are quite endless and I love to tell them…

My question is: with all these talents, including thirteen books I have written, I would like to know how I could cash in on them.  I need to find a way to continue to afford today’s costly lifestyle.

Fondest Regard.
Gloria Pall aka Voluptua