Dear Toni,

My name is Jesse Fortney and I’m writing to you about my current
situation. I started to study acting about 7 yrs ago.  I had an agent in the beginning and I tried out for work as much as possible, but, I had to stop 5 yrs ago to help out my family business.   I think the uniqueness in my situation is how my look has really changed from the beginning of my acting career when I was a teenager. I was very young then and I still am.  I went from a fresh teen look and even though I am a little older, I have still kept my young looks. The only thing I have added to how I look is tattoos. I didn’t have any tattoos when I started out acting but now I have what they call a full sleeve on my left arm. I don’t see to many others guys with a full sleeve trying out for the same rolls as I am.  The guys may have a few tattoos but that’s it. I wanted to ask you what you think about tattoos and if you think having these tattoos will affect my chances of getting work?
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and help out a
struggling actor.

Jesse Fortney