Dear Toni,

I spent 7 of the past 8 years as an invalid. A back injury benched me, two failed surgeries flattened me and complications nearly killed me. The doctors said I’d never walk again. Yet I’m now out there rollerblading on the Venice Boardwalk. I used the power of my mind to heal my body. Today, I teach people how to heal themselves. My Internet radio show, “Triumph Over Trauma,” spotlights guests who talk about the challenges they’ve overcome, how they did it, and how the listener can overcome them, too. I learn so much from every guest. It’s a blessing and a privilege to do this work.

Each week, a new guest talks about an emotional or physical challenge they’ve overcome, how they overcame it, and how the listener can overcome it, too. Topics range from AIDS to breast cancer to childhood sexual abuse. Audience response has been phenomenal. Do you think this would appeal to a wider audience? If so, what’s the best way to reach them? Thanks for your help! … Happy trails

Love and light,