Dear Toni,

I am an actress (and proud member of both SAF and AFTRA), a jazz vocalist, and have been living and working Los Angeles since 1991. I will be honest and tell you that I have been very fortunate in finding representation for both voice over and commercials, although I am currently seeking new representation, in order to get into film (as is any actor’s fantasy). I have had the great fortune of moving to Rome, Italy at the age of three and attending French Lycee due to my father’s accepting a job with Dino De Laurentis and Carlo Ponti-my father is screenwriter Stephen Geller (“Slaughterhouse five,” “The Valachi Papers”). My passion for languages, literature and music poured into a jazz career, which began in roman jazz clubs, singing jazz standards next to Tiber. Jazz was in my family: my grandfather is trumpet player Harry Geller who played with Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw and who later did arrangements for the Tennessee Ford Show.
After Rome, I continued to sing with a big band, act and study at Dartmouth College and in Los Angeles have had the honor to perform and record with jazz pianist Mike Melvoin, composer Mike Stoller of (Lieber& Stoller), bandleader Less Brown Jr’s Band of Renown, arranger/guitarist Skip Heller, the late great Lalo Guerrero. I am currently forming an all –girl jazz band, inspired by my favorite film “ Some Like it Hot”

My question to you is: how do I get my singing demo to soundtrack producers? How do these doors open? And how do I build a career as jazz vocalist/singer on TV/Film?
Thank you for all your help and, above all honesty, Toni.

Polly Gellar