Dear Toni,

My name is Sari and I live in Orange County. I am a petite 5 feet small. I say that because I like to think differently and positively. In fact if there is a chance to use humor in a situation I always go for the laugh. I have been challenged in my young life. I am in my twenties and I have had health challenges since I was a young girl. My passion and love is people and acting. It is my dream to be an actress and many people say I look a lot like a young Natalie Wood when I straighten my curly hair. I feel that in this business everyone gives me mixed messages. You are too thin, you’re too short, you’re funny but not all American looking funny and so on and so on. I am talented, funny and quite different from most of the actors I see on television and in movies. My question to you is “Who do I listen to?”

I love your column!
Sari Alan