Welcome to Hollywood! You will find many excellent coaches, agents and managers
here. However, please take baby steps as you start out in this business. Acting is a
business. Your face, body and talent are all embedded in "YOU". You are the
merchandise. The casting director has your picture, so it is what you and your spine,
bring to the words- that create character.

First let me suggest that before you do anything, know that Hollywood has a style unlike
most other states and countries, so like any business, you must learn the different styles
of acting and then find the acting techniques that works for you and feel free to mix the
ones that work for you. Do not get stuck in just one style of acting. Learn Meisner, Uta
Hagen, Bill Ball, Viola Spolin, Nina Foch, Alexander technique, Paul Sills or Method
styles and combine what works for you. You have to prepare before you get to the
audition or set, as there is no time for the director to work for a long period of time with
you. Make your choices before you go to the audition and then forget “trying “ to be the
character, just let the character make choices-at the moment. This is called the spine of
the character.
Please do not let yourself be seen by an agent, manager or casting director, until you
know your acting is ready to be seen. Big Mistake! Don't take pictures or spend any
money unless, it is to learn your craft, and then you can do the next steps.

Any agent or manager that asks for money is not a legal representative. Do not give your
photos to a photographer without your permission or to anyone else, or you might end up
as a cover for an Insurance packet or other promos, and you will never get a nickel from
it, as photos are not covered by SAG/AFTRA. This is a business, so remember to treat it
that way.