Recently I received a comment from a young seventeen year old boy, who was concerned
that he had a bit of acne on his face and if that would stop his career.
I wrote him back to please, just ignore the acne. It all goes away and remember; there is
makeup on the set. However, that said, I do remember once on a TV show, they actually
lit up a huge bump I had on my face. It first made me very embarrassed, but then I just
used it as a flaw in the character I was playing. The bump, laughed, it cried, it got angry.
I did not make it about myself, it was the character's problem, and it really helped me get
into a character and get rid of my ego.
Please remember there is no dignity to acting and that all you fears are seen. So, use
whatever you have going on in your life, whether it is a break-up with a loved one or
acne, or you feel fat, bloated, sick and not yourself…then use it as the characters' back-
life. Makes for good acting. We are not all perfect, so give yourself a break. Good acting
is looking, listening, reacting and responding.
( Toni Attell has acting classes in the Valley for teens and adults at 818-787-8685)