Dear Toni,

I produce a very successful revue called, “Broadway Tonight,” that performs all over the world. The show consists of four to twelve performers and is a potpourri of all the Broadway Showstoppers and is a smash wherever they perform.
My dilemma is that there are so many venues that I have yet to reach such as Theatres, Conventions and many other venues. My time is so limited being that I also manage a couple of other acts, as well. Just the phone calls, mailings of promo material are more than a full time job for one person. I need an assistant desperately.
My vision is so great and getting this vision to where I want it to be is very difficult. I cannot afford to hire help. I did try hiring someone on a commission basis, but that did not work out. I need a very strong, knowledgeable salesperson that knows this end of the industry, knows how to pitch a show and get the account!

Any advice would be welcomed.