I met Susan White on the Queen Mary. It was a strange place to meet the white gloved very proper English Lady. The whole ship was intermingled with Metaphysical Speakers, and Harley Davidson riders. In the midst of this mishmash of unusual suspects, walked this very formal, tall lady and she caught my attention. “ Hello, I said” “So nice to meet you” she replied” I am here to meet my brother who has just flown in from London. I was fascinated and to my delight found that she and her brother were eating lunch where I was. I could observe her and I became fascinated that during the entire meal with her brother, she never took off her white gloves and never got them even soiled. So, I decided to write about Susan White for the column. She made the motorcyclists seem like…normal.
Susan survived the World War II Blitz and started entertaining back in 1945. As Susan puts it she had nine lives. Lots of near death experiences but she kept dancing her way through Europe entertaining the troops. Keeping the fighting boy’s minds off the isolating and lonely feelings, men away from home feel while fighting for something they may not politically understand, but bravely go to battle for the sake of their country and safety of their loved ones. Politics and War is all beyond me but Susan went out there and danced for them